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Warren Healy Top Lawyer in Dallas
“Kobby Warren is absolutely the best! I would recommend him to anyone with legal issues. He handled our case so fast and efficiently.. and with a spectacular outcome. So very pleased with his service and professionalism!”

Warren Healy Top Lawyer in Dallas

“I was in a bad spot that I thought I was beyond help, Josh Healy saved me from where all odds was against me. Not just any attorney that cares about money, he really cares about his clients and whats best for them! Thank you. Josh Healy”


Warren Healy Top Lawyer in Dallas

“Stara Roemer, my Attorney, has been amazing and extraordinarily fantastic regarding my case. She was able to get me a PR Bond on a murder charge. Stara has shown extreme diligence, thoroughness, and perseverance in all aspects concerning my case.

Well, her True Dedication PAID OFF! I received a “No Bill” on my case, and our was dismissed!! My case never went passed the Grand Jury.

Stara Roemer is an extremely dedicated Attorney and woman to me, as I’m sure with all of her other clients as well. I give Stara Roemer the highest recommendation to become partner with the Warren Healy firm. Also for all new clients to come. She has always been straight forward and honest throughout my process with my case, and will be the same with all new clients to come.

JOB WELL DONE Stara Roemer!!

My family and I immensely applaud you for such a remarkable job. We are Forever Grateful and Blessed because of you and what you’ve done for me! We cannot thank you enough. You have truly saved my life and name. I COULD NOT have gotten through this horrific experience without you, nor my family.

I’m Forever Thankful!
Melissa Hite”


Warren Healy Top Lawyer in Dallas
“I absolutely HAVE to give Kobby Five Stars !! I wish there were ten! I was going through the absolute worst time of my life. I had gotten in trouble for the first time, and I was referred to Phillip Hernandez. With him as my lawyer I ended up in jail for the second time because he failed to do paperwork letting the courts know my mother in law passed away and to continue a court date, really? I didn’t feel like they really valued me. That being said I was in a bad spot, and they were over charging me at that to not do anything. Not only was Kobby reasonable, but he got to work right away. Het met me on my court date at the court before we even knew one another! He guided me through everything, he was patient, professional, polite and completely understanding! I ended up moving back home to Missouri and Kobby still took complete and total care of me! Word cannot describe how grateful I am ❤️ CHARGES DISMISSED ! Thanks to Kobby, put your trust in God & Kobby YOU WILL BE TAKEN CARE OF ✨”

Warren Healy Top Lawyer in Dallas

“If you want your legal troubles completely taken care of in the most responsive manner by an experienced, successful professional then look no further. Along with years of expertise in his field, Mr. Healy provided a personal touch to his service. When representing you he is simply a phone call or text away and always very responsive to any concerns or unforeseen situations that may come up. “


Warren Healy Top Lawyer in Dallas

“Mr. Healy is a very good attorney and a better human being. His sincerity and empathy are outshined not only by his legal expertise but also his commitment to defending rights of the accused. We didn’t think our brother had a chance after being put in jail again for drugs, but Mr. Healy helped him get treatment for his problem rather than just serving a jail sentence. We highly recommend his services. “


Warren Healy Top Lawyer in Dallas

“My experience was the best! Would def recommend them to anyone. They always call for my court dates and Ms. Sandy is always on the lookout for my case. The best staff and attorney in Dallas!! Love Kobe Warren and Ms. Sandy!!. “


Warren Healy Top Lawyer in Dallas

“Best lawyer in Dallas, got me off a murder case. And the staff is amazing from him to his private investigator. The best I repeat the BEST!!!!”


Warren Healy Top Lawyer in Dallas

“Josh Healy is a God fearing man who will do what is right. Thankful.”

Anne Brown

Warren Healy Top Lawyer in Dallas

“Kobby warren is one great person who doesn’t see you as just a client he listens .Would recommend him with no doubt Thank you”


Warren Healy Top Lawyer in Dallas

“Warren Healy is the best Attorney office I have ever met. Sandy is also very nice and professional. These are my go-to lawyers! If you have any legal questions or need help Sandy always goes out of her way to help you. The attorney do their best to help you in your case”


Warren Healy Top Lawyer in Dallas

“I was referred to Kobby Warren by my local lawyer and highly impressed with his services. Kobby is compassionate, professional and was able to put my mind at ease. He understood the importance of a complete dismissal of my case so that I could continue in my career and with my education. He acted fast and had my case dismissed within a little over a month. “


Warren Healy Top Lawyer in Dallas

“I met Kobby Warren and Sandy Mendez back in 2004 where Kobby was assigned to me as a court appointed attorney. Kobby was very professional and polite. He made sure that I was proven innocent. He would refer me to Sandy for information he needed but ultimately the charges were dismissed. I can’t say if I would have any other attorney that things would have turned out the same. Thankful to God for Kobby Warren. To God be the glory. Although I don’t foresee me needing an attorney for anything I always reccomend Kobby to others in need. “


Warren Healy Top Lawyer in Dallas

“I appreciate God’s grace and mercy for Josh Healy to help vulnerable people in Dallas County, Texas. Josh Healy is honest, strong, and fearless. Everything happens for a reason, and Josh Healy has been a blessing to all vulnerable people in Dallas County. Josh Healy has many many years of legal and common sense experience. Josh Healy does not work for money but for God as a servant of God. God bless Healy Warren Law Firm!!!!!

I thank God for Josh Healy because Josh Healy has been through helping vulnerable people and has intellectual gifts to serve God’s glory!!”


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